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"Wealth to Freedom Formula" 
Practical Tools for Financial Freedom
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Make Sure You Have These Proven Financial Insider Methods At Your Fingertips for Your Best Ever New Year! Get Instant Access To The "Wealth To Freedom Formula" Video Coaching Presentation with Katherine Dean for a transformational 2019! 
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About Your Expert Hosts
Katherine Dean
Founder, Living Your Worth, Inc., Entrepreneur, Speaker and Certified Financial Planner
Melinda Wittstock
4X Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of Verifeed & Wings Media, Host WINGS Of...Inspired Business Podcast
Here's What This Will Do For You
  •   Build your wealth - No matter your current circumstances
  •   Create passive income - So you can compound your savings over time without having to work for it
  •   Capture new opportunities - Get tools, tactics and identify where you may be leaving money on the table
  •   Learn wealth creator habits - What you can do right now to change the game
  •   Make your assets do the work - So you don't have to 
  •   Automate your savings - How to "set it and forget it" so your emergency stash and "wealth capture account" grows while you sleep
  •   Know your value - How to value yourself, your time, and price your value
  •   Get aligned with your values - So you can create growing value
  •   Bust the "Entrepreneurial Poverty Trap" - How to invest in yourself while you invest in your business, career training or "side hustle"
  •   Retire your money mindset blocks - Release any limiting beliefs about money
  •   Release Your Fears - Overcome worry or blocks about money conversations
  •   Cash Flow Your Life - so you can enjoy your growing wealth now rather than waiting till you're 65 
  •  And more!
The Wealth To Freedom Formula is THE Practical Blueprint You Need At Your Fingertips to Grow Your Wealth and Impact You Want to Have on the World - ALL In Alignment with Your Values, Your Own Value, and the Passion and Purpose You Value Most In Your Life... RIGHT NOW!
What People Are Saying...
"Melinda's content is extraordinary, made all the more powerful since these lessons come from experienced and highly successful entrepreneurs who have been there and done it, often several times! Everyone is so open in sharing their challenges as well as lots of great actionable tips and lessons. A must if you want to grow and scale a business you love and gives you the recurring and passive income to live the lifestyle you want and have the impact you want, too!"  
Melitta Campbell
CEO and Founder, Melitta Campbell Coaching
"Signing up for WINGS of Success was the best decision I made and well worth the investment. I have a startup in the area of tech and like many I felt isolated and overwhelmed. Suddenly at WINGS I realized that I was not alone and the challenges I was facing as a single mom tech entrepreneur were just the same others have been through before becoming very successful. WINGS of Success gave me the confidence and stamina to carry on and to think more strategically so I could close a new contract for my business. Thank you Melinda for putting such an inspiring program together to support women all over the world.”
Milenne Tanganelli
CEO and Founder, Digital Popups 
"Thank you Melinda for having the courage, taking the time and making the commitment outside of all the things you extraordinarily already do… You’re putting out there much more than you have time to do, need to do, because it is your passion to support all the women participating because you are transforming lives."

Tina Sharkey
CEO and Founder, Brandless

"I’m so proud of you for all that you’re doing right now, Melinda. The world needs this!”

Sally Hogshead
CEO and Founder, How To Fascinate 
Hall of Fame Speaker

"“Melinda has created a place for women entrepreneurs to learn and grow together. It can sometimes feel like we are on this journey on our own but that is the furthest things from the truth. Through her insightful and inspiring interviews she shows us what is possible and why we should strive to be the best that we can for ourselves, and to create the impact that we were born to make in this world.”"
Malorie Tadimi
CEO and Founder, Tadimi
""I am blown away by the the diversity of exceptional female role models showcasing their successes with heart-based business ventures. Melinda's curious yet informed interview style draws out even more wisdom from the inspiring 60 women she has gathered, and all the lessons are actionable and inspiring.  High quality all the way. Fantastic!"."
Yvonne Silver
CEO and Founder, We-Flourish
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